Merry christmas!!!!!!!!

Today is christmas!!!
I hope that all have gone very well!!!!
I`m taking a few minutes to uptade n__n
so I present to you all, Is NewS!!! wtih a spaecial of christmas!
in the end appears Toma! so for all we melt xD jejeje

Im sorry for my englis I nokw is terrible xD
Mwrry Christmas!!!!

Enlace megaupload:

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Summer tIme!!!!!!!!


Wooo! these days have passed really fast!
its for the summer n_n! yeah yeah yeah!!!
so this video its perfect "!!


NEWS with Sumer time!
remember what I speak spanish so the subtitles are in spanish too n_n

Enlace megaupload: For here!!



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Primer post!!

This is the firs post of the year!
I`m not speak english, so gomene for the bad writing T_T
So, In this space I put material of the beautifuls Johnny`s, NewS, Kanjani8 anda Kattun preferably. I have a Blog too, where I put the same so, you can pass for there too n_n


So, to begining I need to now what do you prefer to download the achives?, megaupload or pando?
well depending of yours answers I upload all my videos n_n

I wait for yours answers

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